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““Who is there who can promise to take you across the Ocean of Life and Death? Indeed, only God could make such a promise–the same God that was residing in His Invisible Form in all corners of the Universe, while revealing Himself as Shri Nathji upon earth.“Barraa afsos huaa. Sab set thhaa. “It is very sad. Everything appeared set. Shri Nathji warns about the separation in life that was inevitable at every stage and between every person and his loved ones. He repeats his famous verse on separation:“Khud makun begaanagi baare choon meedaani“Seek not to separate yourselves from each otherWhenever Shri Nathji sent anyone away from him it was always at the wish of the person. Shri Nathji himself never desired to be separated from anyone. And even when he was physically separated he was always spiritually present with the person.“He was a Faqueer at heart and a prince internally!