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Shri Nathji speaks to the daily attendant Sudha as if he were speaking to a whole audience, and says:“Jiss cheez ne chale hee jaanaa hai–iss zindagi ne–usko dekar sab kuchh mil jaaye, uss se sastaa saudaa aur kyaa ho saktaa hai.“If one can gain everything by giving away this life, which is something that must go in any case–then how cheap is the bargain.”Later, Shri Nathji goes to wash his hands in the bathroom. He is in his blue achkan and he says to Priya Nath who is in the bedroom:““God will say–‘You are wasting your time in your beds. I have given you this nectar so that you may spread it–why are you spending it all on a few persons?’”Shri Nathji was hardly wasting any time at all. He was writing assiduously even when in bed, sleeping but three to four hours every night, talking continuously to large and small groups and single persons all day long, giving freely of his inexhaustible storehouse of nectar. This lament on his part only showed his humility. He was 81 year’s old and far beyond the retirement age of 58, but was working more fiercely then even a man in the prime of his youth.