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Shri Nathji and Priya Nath discuss how to spread Shri Nathji’s Divine Mission in the world. Priya Nath has this intense desire in his heart that Shri Nathji’s name should go to all corners of the world–and Shri Nathji had said time and again:“Priyaji to“Priyaji is sincere–but there must be people dedicated to spread this mission.”Shri Nathji and Priya Nath discuss arranging another function at Sapru House in January 1984. Shri D.N. Sinha who had been devoted to Shri Nathji ever since 1945 when Sinha had been 16 years of age, arrives and is optimistic about the spread of the mission. He says he will call the National Television Network, Doordarshan, to telecast the news of the function when it is held in January.‘Prabhuji, hamaari kul ichhaayen samaapt ho gayin hain, bas ek hee ichhaa raih gayi hai ke aapkaa yash ho aur keerti ho, aur ham bhakt dekh dekh kar naaachen!‘Prabhuji all our desires have been fulfilled. There is only one desire left now–that your glory spread far and wide, so that we devotees can look upon the scene and dance with joy!’”Shri Nathji had never exhorted any devotee to spread his name. Indeed he had no such desire within himself and had often quoted Shri Babaji’s verse:Chhorro mujhe bekhud meraa aaraam yahee hai,Leave me alone in my self-forgetfulness that is my only rest,The amount of time that Shri Nathji spent amongst the home group of devotees and the daily visitors could have been spent before multitudes, the divine revelations that Shri Nathji gave these small groups could have flooded the world had Shri Nathji so wished, but then perhaps it was his desire to distribute these gems to only a few.