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Again there is Mrs. Pritam Singh with more people for Shri Nathji’s darshan,–a Mrs. Jaishinghania and others. Shri Nathji speaks to them for a long time.“Hazrat jo cheez aapke maathhe par hai main usse apne maathhe se kaise mitaa saktaa hoon!“Hazrat, how can I wipe off from my forehead that which adorns your forehead as well?” After Shri Nathji had finished his sermon on the occasion, Sir Sultan Ahmed said with great feeling:Sir Sultan Ahmed wrote back:“Jahaan vo chali gayeen hain main kuchh naheen kar saktaa, magar aap kar sakte hain! Apni duaa bhejiye!“Where my wife has gone, I can do nothing for her–but you can. Send her your blessings.” “Unke chale jaane ne mujh par vaaziyaa kar diyaa hai ke ek din maine bhee chale jaanaa hai!“Her going away has revealed to me that I, too, must go away one day.”“Aap duaa farmaayen ke jab meraa aakhri vakt aaye vo peaceful ho! “Please send me your blessings so that when my last moment comes, it shall be peaceful!”