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Once on a final return from the Supreme Court where Priya Nath had gone to wind up affairs, and Shri Nathji was with him, they passed along Tilak Marg, which was close by, where Mrs. Pritam Singh and her husband lived. “Paanch “Shall we visit Pritam Singh for five minutes?”And next instant, Mrs. Pritam Singh and her sister, are pleasantly surprised when they see Shri Nathji’s taxi entering their house! “Ghar sajaa kar rakho or dwaar khulaa rakho, “Keep your homes decorated and your doors open, Shri Nathji was referring to the hearts of his devotees where his real home was.Mrs. Pritam Singh said to him in a state of great elation:“I had just been thinking of you and listening to your cassette!”Shri Nathji said to her:“Aapki shakti mujhe khench laayi!Today, you have discovered your own power.”