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The next afternoon is spent by Shri Nathji and Priya Nath taking baths separately. The taking of a bath is a long ritual for Shri Nathji, for whom the vest, shirt, pyjamas, socks, and towels have to be carefully laid out. There are the cotton pyjamas as well as the woollen chooridars, the cotton shirt and the woollen shirt he wears over it, along with the two sweaters.“Babaji barri umar men bhee saare kaam apne haath se kiyaa karte thhe!“Even in his old age, Babaji would do all his work himself, with his own hands.”At the end of the ritual of the bath, Shri Nathji sits on his maroon armchair in his clothes and sweaters and a warm shawl wrapped around his shoulders, and waits for the hair to dry.