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Shri Nathji sheds tears briefly for 1983–such is his Love for all things, animate and inanimate, including Time, which is part of His Grand Creation.“Countless such years have gone and countless such years are yet to go–we exist in this ocean of Time–this flux of time.” Shri Nathji’s sermon is beautiful beyond words.“Happy, happy, New Year to youMay the New Year bring Peace, Prosperity, long life, health, wealth, happiness to you and to Bhayya and to all devotees, and to the whole world!”“Ye tune saare vishva men naye saal pe bajaayi jaati hai.Priya Nath has only one thing to ask of Shri Nathji for 1984 and that is that Shri Nathji remain in good health. “Shri Nathji is God upon earth. He is the avatar. Shri Nathji had said: “Let us wait anxiously, something will happen on that day.”Priya Nath is anxious and worried at the same time. He is anxious that Shri Nathji be known to the whole world as God Incarnate upon earth. At the same time he is afraid of the crowds that would naturally follow. Hundreds and thousands, and even millions of people would converge upon Shri Nathji. Priya Nath could not even imagine such a situation where the frail body of Shri Nathji would be subjected to a constant, relentless strain. “Agar duniyaan ko sachhe maani men pataa chal jaaye ke Bhagwan aaye hain–to ham to bheerr ke neeche kuchle hee jaayen!“If the world were to realise truly that God had come down in their midst–then I would be simply crushed in the stampede that would ensue!”Then again the public would also have amongst them curiosity mongers and doubters who would want to “test” the divinity of Shri Nathji. Not everyone would be worthy of the gift of Faith, and many would go away empty-handed.“Sirf Bhagwan kaa mil jaanaa hee kaafi naheen hai. Unki kripaa ko bhee paanaa zaroori hai! Phir, sirf unki kripaa ko paa lenaa bhee kaafi naheen hai–uss kripaa ko rakhna-retain karnaa–bhee zaroori hai!“It is not enough to find God. It is also necessary to obtain His Grace. And then again, it is not enough only to obtain His Grace, one must be able to retain it as well!”Priya Nath wondered how many people would measure up to such standards. He also began to wonder whether it would be a wise step to expose Shri Nathji to crowds, some of which might even contain fanatics amongst them who could do Shri Nathji harm.Maanaa tamaan khalk se too be niyaaz haiThou art indifferent to the world in its entirety,* * * * * * * * * *