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Priya Nath plays two of Shri Nathji’s ghazals on “The Voice of the Heart”–“Navaaye Dil”:(1)“Kabhi tum ne suni hai aaj tak kyaa hain navaaye dilHave you ever heard till now the voice of the heart? (2)Jahaan men phir vo aayaa hai, yehi hai bas navaaye dilHe has come again into the world, this is the Voice of the Heart,Shri Nathji claps and sways as these ghazals are played. It is a magnificent end to the festival of Dusshera, which symbolises the victory of Good over Evil. “Barraa aanand bataa aaj–itnaaa aanand to kabhi bhi naheen bataa paihale!“What great bliss was showered today! Never before has such great bliss been showered!”This was Shri Nathji’s manner of appreciating each and every moment of divine bliss. For him his entire life was one given over to showering unparallelled bliss upon the people of the planet earth.