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The new achkan and new coat of Priya Nath arrive from Vedi Tailors. They are of camel colour and made from the cloth which was presented by Ved Vig of America. There are also two ‘Gandhi caps’ made of the same cloth, which Priya Nath had asked the tailor to make in case any cloth pieces were left over. “Piyaji, kaprre hameshaan achhe paihanne chahiyen – taake doosron ki aankhon ko bhee achhe lagen! Ye kyaa din bhar mailaa coat paihenkar aap raihte hain.”“One must always wear good clothes which are pleasing to the eye of the beholder. Why must you wear this worn-out coat every day?”Shri Nathji’s head-gear, the rumaal or the turban, always took a lot of time to wrap, –hence Priya Nath had suggested the Gandhi cap which Shri Nathji could put on and remove instantly, and even use to cover his head with in case anyone came before him all of a sudden. Nath! Ab doobte Bharat ko bachaane aaoO Nath, come and save the Bharat that drowns,At the time these devotees had placed a Gandhi cap on Shri Nathji’s head. The portrait that had been shown on Manjul Kavi’s book was the one, which had been taken in Lahore at that time.