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On the 16th of October 1983, it is the day of the last ‘Navraatraa’, the ending of the Hindu festival of Navraatraa, which was supposed to be auspicious.“Navraatron men koyi bhee nayi cheez kar leni chahiye. Apni ‘God Man and Satan’ ki kitaab ko chhapne do. Usse parrkar to “One must do something new while the Navraatras last. Give your book on ‘God Man and Satan’ for printing. Even God will laugh when he reads it!”Shri Nathji had read this comic play that Priya Nath had written and had laughed heartily at the sardonic comments that Priya Nath had to make on God’s Creation , which was at variance with Shri Nathji’s philosophy, but with which Shri Nathji indulgently agreed, as, indeed, he agreed with everything that Priya Nath did or said.