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Priya Nath purchases a lottery ticket for a lottery of 2.2 crores and asks Shri Nathji to bless it–but the result is zero. “Aapko“You do not need a lottery. You can distribute crores to whoever you like in a single glance!Priya Nath would frequently say to Shri Nathji:“Aapne meri naukri America men iss liye churraa dee kyunki aap bhakton ki sewaa naheen churraanaa chaahate!“You made me leave my lucrative job in America because you did not wish to leave the sewa of your devotees!”Shri Nathji would often quote the above sentence whenever he spoke of the sacrifice that Priya Nath had made for his sake. He would say:“Bataayiye, agar ye America men hote to kyaa ye meri sewa ke liye kaafi naa thhe? Ye chaahate to mujhe America bulaa lete–baadshaahon ki tarah rakhte. Inki to vahaan itnee izzat tthee! Phir ye sab chhorkar Bharat kyon aa gaye? Kyonki inhen maaloon thhaa ke inke Pitaa ko apne Bharat ke gareeb bhakt pyaare hain!”“Tell me, if Priya Nath were in America he would have been more than enough for my service. If he had wanted, he could have called me to America and kept me there like a king. He was held in great respect there. Why, then, did he leave everything to come to India? It was because he knew that his father loved the poor devotees of this country!”