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Shri Nathji had a chocolate brown achkan made of a silky cloth which he used to wear many times during the 1970’s but had stopped wearing in the later years. Priya Nath had hung it on the coat hanger in Shri Nathji’s room. Priya Nath used the inner pocket of the achkan as a purse of sorts or a storage place for money. He called it the “lucky achkan”. “I thank you for your offer. However I have everything with me that I need–and that which I do not have, I do not need!”“Jin cheezon ki mujhe zaroorat thhee vo mere paas hain. Aur jo cheezen mere paas naheen unki mujhe zaroorat naheen!”Shri Nathji often quoted the verse of Shri Babaji Maharaj who had given up his wealth and lived a life of austerity:“Mujhe zameeyate khaatir hai pareshaan honaa“I welcome living in hardships,