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In that particular night sermon Shri Nathji speaks of the man who had been sitting beneath a tree for years, desiring to meet God.“Mere saath vaayedaa to ho gayaa hai!“At least he has made a promise to me!”God is so pleased that he appears before the man right there and then! And God tells him:“Utth ai muganni sunaa vo naghme ke jhoom jaaye jahaan saaraa!O thou singer, sing thy songs, so that the entire world may sway with joy!”And:“Baadal sarak gaye hain jhonke se ik havaa keThe clouds have drifted away with the coming of the breeze,There is in Shri Nathji’s ghazals a song of joy, a cheerful outlook for the world, an optimism that overshadows gloom.SHRI NATHJI IS SEEN SINGING ALONG WITH THE GHAZAL.And then he says loudly:“SATYUGA AA GAYAA HAI!”The Age of Truth has Dawned!”Shri Nathji also says:“Maine aasuri bal ko samaapt kar diyaa hai! Ab uski himmat naheen ke mujhe giraaye. Main jaankar gir gayaa thhaa. Phir usse achaanak pakarrkar giraa diyaa!“I have finished off the forces of evil. They dare not make me fall now. I had fallen of my own accord. But then I got up suddenly and brought evil to the ground!”Priya Nath as well as the devotees feel that these are special days when the atmosphere is surcharged with a divine electric current emanating from Shri Nathji.“Prabhuji pragat hone vaale hain,All that Priya Nath is concerned about, and all that he prays for, is Shri Nathji’s good health. It is the only thing in the world that matters to him regardless of whether Shri Nathji reveals Himself or not.