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After a brief evening walk in the garden, Shri Nathji attends to the group of devotees who have come for the night satsang. Shri Nathji sits in the midst of the devotees and listens to the powerful recording of his lecture at Nagpur on the 23rd of June 1979 at the Dhanwate Rang Mandir. “Ye jo kuchh kaih dete hain vo satya ho jaataa hai! Mahaa shakti vo jo kaihti chali jaaye vo satya hotaa jaataa hai!”“No matter what he says comes true! A great power is one who pronounces things, and they come true!”Shri Kripa Shanker Hajela who was the Advocate General of India in the 1950’s used to say about Shri Nathji:“Pataa naheen kyaa hotaa hai–jab bhee kissee gharri yaa“Time always eludes me. I can never see watches and clocks around me. Something always comes in-between and obstructs the vision!”