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The beggar and the King had featured so prominently in all of Shri Nathji’s writings that it was but natural for Shri Nathji to keep beggars in his mind. “Fakeeron kaa kaasaa na jab tak bharegaa“For as long as the begging bowls of thy beggars remain empty, O Lord,Be it a superstition, or a holiday or a celebration, Shri Nathji was always ever too eager to seek an excuse to give whatever he could to beggars. “THE POOR ARE LIKE CHILDREN. THEY CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES AND HAVE TO BE HELPED. Shri Nathji used to tell the parable of the man who had resolved to not to eat unless he had fed some hungry man. Every day he would wait for a hungry person to come to his door. There came a time when no hungry person came to his house for several days. The man did not eat anything during this period of time. As the days passed, he became weaker and weaker, and was on the verge of dying, when God in all His Mercy took the form of a hungry person and appeared at his door!