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Shri Nathji had always spoken of the “Yaad rakhnaa Piyaji, mujh jaisaa khairkhwaa aapkaa iss duniyaan men koyi naheen ho saktaa!”And just as suddenly as the clouds of diasaffection had appeared, they would disappear. The asuri bal would go, and Priya Nath would be bewildered at the words he had uttered, and his heart would be wrenched with unremitting anguish. Sometimes the remorse would be triggered off by something as small as Shri Nathji groping for a pen or tying his pyjama cord, looking so innocent and helpless, like a child with no will of his own. “Larrte kahaan ho! Pyaar bhee to itnaa karte ho! Aap jaisaa meraa khyaal kaun kar saktaa hai!“When do you ever quarrel! You love me so much! Who can look after me like you!”Priya Nath knew it was a sin to quarrel with someone as gentle and as loving and as divine as Shri Nathji. Priya Nath took such liberties only because of his father and son relationship with Shri Nathji, wherein he thought he had the right to quarrel as a son would, with his father. But he knew it was wrong and hated himself for it.“Hamsaa na hogaa daihar main koyi bad- kumaarThere can be no worse a player than me in the world,In later days, Priya Nath would also quote the verse:“Tere kadmon ki koyi sewaa na mujh se ho saki,“I could not serve Thy Holy feet in any way,However, Shri Nathji was all praise for Priya Nath, extolling his virtues and sacrifices all the time.“Lav Kush ne to Ramji ke bhee chhakke chhurraa diye thhe!Shri Nathji was referring to the sons of Lord Rama, Lav and Kush, who were prepared to engage their father in battle.“Piyaji, ham Babaji ke saamne kabhee naheen bole thhe!Indeed the respect that Shri Nathji had shown to Shri Babaji Maharaj was a respect that no son on earth could ever show to his father.