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Priya Nath had often had this unpleasant experience that whenever the devotees cooking in the kitchen appeared restless or wished to return to their homes, and continued to cook merely out of a sense of duty, Shri Nathji invariably fell ill and could not digest the food they cooked.“Ye shareer aapki bhaavnaaon kaa shareer hai.“This body of mine is a creation of your faith and devotion, Priya Nath recalled the story of the ‘Gaddi’, the poor hill villager, who had an intense desire to feed God,–and God appeared before him as a hungry person! The human form of God came into existence to fulfill the devotion of the Gaddi.“Jab tak vishva men meri ek aadmi ko bhee“For as long as even one person in the world needs me I shall not go.”“Maut kaa mere oopar ikhtiyaar naheen! Main chaahon to hazaaron saal tak baitthaa rahoon. Magar Maut meri pyaari vastu hai. Meri hi banaayi hai. Main usse aane doonga. Main jab chaahon apne vastar utaar saktaa hoon. Jab chaahoon apne iraade badal saktaa hoon!“Death has no claim over me. I can live for a thousand years if I so wish. But Death is my own creation, it is dear to me. I will allow it to come. I can take off my clothes whenever I wish. I can change all my designs whenever I want to!”“Bachhaa kaprre pahante vakt bhee rotaa hai aur kaprre utaarte vakt bhee rotaa hai. Magar barraa aadmi apni marzi se kaprre utaartaa hai aur apni marzi se naye kaprre paihantaa hai!”“A child weeps when clothes are put on him, and weeps again when the clothes are taken from his body. But an adult puts his clothes on as he wishes and removes them as he wishes. This is the difference between ordinary humans who are forced into life and forced into death, and between avatars who come when they want to come, and go when they want to go!”