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Shri Nathji spoke about the sinner who was not allowed to prostrate upon the earth by the earth itself, so great were his sins! Said the sinner:“Ba zameen choon sajdaa kardam, za zameen nidaa baraamad“When I prostrated on the ground a voice came from the earth,Ba tavaafe kaabaa raftam ba haram rahe na daadandAs I went around the Place of worship, it did not give me way,Although the man was a sinner, but he found that most people claiming to be religious were in fact hypocrites, who helped no one, and in their hearts did not believe in God either. The sinner went to gambling dens and found many there who were honest and penitent.Dare dair choon raseedam ke nidaa daroon baraamadAs I came to His door a voice came from inside,It was a beautiful story–told by Shri Nathji in only the way he could narrate parables that held his listeners spell-bound and brought tears into their eyes as well as the eyes of Shri Nathji!