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As soon as Shri Nathji leaves, the very soul of the party departs. Shri Nathji is taken down the ramp in the wheel chair once again to the chanting of “Jai Jai Shri Bhola Nath Hare!” and finally gets into his taxi, which has the burly Sardar Sardool Singh sitting behind the wheel.“Tussi vee kuchh khaaddaa?”“Did you eat anything?”The taxi driver tells Shri Nathji that he had gone up the ramp at first instance and had eaten a hearty meal at the wedding party!“Hamaari ichhaa poori huyi. Ham chaahate thhe Sardool Singhji bhee kuchh khaa len!“My wish has been fulfilled! It was my fervent desire that Sardool Singhji must eat something!”Here was another facet of Shri Nathji’s greatness. While on the one hand he was being worshipped as God at the wedding party and all present there were bowing before him and touching his feet, he had been concerned for the poor taxi driver waiting in the taxi! “Ye takallum ye muhabbat, ye teri dariyaa dilli“This voice, this love, this, thy Benevolent heartIndeed all of creation was forever before Shri Nathji’s eyes, and he would not forget even the lowliest of its creatures. While mingling with the rich, his heart would be with the poor.