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Shri Nathji then forgets himself and tells them the interesting story of an atheist who wished to test a holy man. He said to the holy man:“Agar mere Bhagwan sachhe hain to mujhe kuchh naheen hogaa!“If my God is true then nothing will happen to me!”And saying this he jumped off the edge of a cliff, falling several hundred feet below.“Ye mujhe ‘AGAR’ kee sazaa milee hai!” “This is the punishment that I got for using the word ‘IF’ when I prayed to God.” Shri Nathji concludes: “There is no IF in faith. One must believe totally and unconditionally!”“Bhagwan ko aisaa be-keemat mat karo ke apne faaltu vakt ke liye chhorro. Bhakt ki pareekshaayen hain. Saare sambandhi hain, par uss se barra koyi sambandhi naheen!“Do not lessen God’s worth to such an extent that only your free time is set aside for him. A devotee must pass through tests. There are many relatives but the greatest relative is God!”While digressing on this theme, Shri Nathji speaks of the firmness of Yudhistra’s faith as narrated in the Mahabharata. But of all the Pandavas he was the only one who was able to reach the door of heaven. This was because all the other Pandavas had turned around and looked back–which had been forbidden–and had fallen from Divine Grace. Such indeed was the extent of absorption required for God that, looking at Him, one ceased to look back at the world.“Jis Bhakt ko Bhagwan ki baat chhubhti hai, uss men abhi usskaa ahankaar baaki hai. Phir mrityu, beemaari, kaanoon ke aage vo kaise ahankaar karegaa?“Any devotee who is hurt by the words of God still has ego within him. How will he raise his ego before death, illness, and the law? “Paabandi–aadatmandi! “Let firmness in faith become a habit!”“Agar uske raaste men dukh aate hain to vo anant sukh dene ke liye hain. “If suffering comes on His path it is only to give eternal happiness.”“Aap un dukhon ko chhorrenge to aur doosre dukh pakarr lenge. Ek dukh chhootegaa anek dukh aa jaayenge.“What shall it profit a man if he gaineth the whole world but loses his own soul?“Kyaa vo aapkaa laabh naheen jaantaa? Ek jok vahaan lagti hai jahaan kharab khoon ho! Prabhu ke aage sar utthaanaa mahadhrishtataa hai!“Does He not know what is for your benefit? A leech attaches itself to that spot where the blood is bad. To raise one’s head before God is an impertinence of the highest order!”And Shri Nathji narrates his favourite verse:“Ai muddaayiye vaihdat ye maaoman kahaan ki,“O seeker after truth, why this thought of wavering in thee?“Main naa kal miloon, kaun mujhe majboor kar saktaa hai? Mujhe bhee bolne men takleef hoti hai. “Even if I refuse to meet anyone tomorrow, who can compel me? I, too, have to strain myself while talking.”“Galti ho, pashchaataap karo. Prabhu ke maarg men jo dukh aate hain vo sukh se barrhkar hote hain. Aatmaa ko chhurraanaa hai uss anantkaal ke panje se!“If you make a mistake, then repent for it. The troubles that come on the path of God are better than happiness. The soul has to be released from the tentacles of eternal bondage.”Shri Nathji often said: “To realise a mistake is in effect to correct the mistake, and this is true repentance.”