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Priya Nath suddenly has an idea. He wants to make a video film of Shri Nathji dressed in various dresses–his turban and achkan dress, his head bandanna-rumaal, and Shri Nathji bare-headed, the western dress, the mukat crown of Mrs. Bhutt, as also an Arab dress! “My Beloved comes before me in different garbsWhat a legacy this would be for the world–God in all his forms all over the world, belonging to all, and all belonging to him. “Jo kaam ho jaaye bas vohi achhaa hai!”“It is best that the work that must be done, be done at once!”Despite Priya Nath’s misgivings about Shri Nathji’s health, Shri Nathji encourages him to arrange for a video photographer. Priya Nath telephones the photographer’s shop but cannot get the right man. “Mujhe ye Ashok barraa achhaa lagtaa hai!”“I like this man, Ashok!”The assistant of Ashok, who did the video shooting, was a Muslim by the name of Khan, who had developed a great reverence for Shri Nathji.“Achhaa hotaa agar abhee ho jaataa!”“It would have been good if it had been done today!”As if in answer to Shri Nathji’s wish, the telephone rings, and there is Ashok on the phone saying that he can come that very day!“Kar hee lenaa chaahiye! Sehat thheek hai. Huaa kyaa hai?”“Let us go ahead with it! My health is all right! What is wrong with it?”And so it is settled! A group of devotees is asked to come in the evening so that they can witness the grand revelation of Shri Nathji and serve as an audience to which Shri Nathji can address himself. “Bhagwan kab pragat hote hain? Jab aap apni bhakti men poorna ho jaate hain!”“When does God reveal Himself? When you become perfect in your devotion!”As Shri Nathji used to say:“Tahi daston kaa rutbaa aihle daulat se zyaadaa hai“The worth of empty hands is greater than all the wealth of the world,There was also Shri Nathji’s verse that described his state of divine intoxication in front of genuine devotees:“Phir dekhiye andaazaye gulafshaaniye guftaar“Watch then the words that shower as flowers,And yet again there was Shri Nathji’s most meaningful verse:“Maste sharaab hokar sab bhed khol dale“Intoxicated by wine I laid all secrets bare,This was the state of Shri Nathji’s divine intoxication whenever he was in a generous mood and those before him had receptive hearts. These were the moments when some of the greatest secrets of the Universe were revealed by him. Here was One who would give and there another ready to receive!