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At the wedding, Shri Nathji says in an aside to Priya Nath:“Aaj“Today the Light is very powerful!”The guests at the wedding forget the bride and the bridegroom for a while even as they gather around Shri Nathji and experience his unmatched Divine Glory. This had happened on occasion whenever Shri Nathji had been a guest at any wedding reception. There were even times when he had been mistaken for the bridegroom!“Aaaj deedaare aam ho rahaa hai!”“Today all are getting a Divine Glimpse!”Dr. Shakuntala Talwar sits at the feet of Shri Nathji and says:“Aaj mujhe vo khushi mil rahee hai jiskaa main bayaan bhee naheen kar sakti!“Today I am getting a happiness which is indescribable!”Wherever Shri Nathji goes he makes the world more beautiful–no matter whether it be a road or a shop, or an office, or a restaurant, an exhibition or a wedding–the world takes on a hue of welcome for its Lord and Master in human form.“Kul duniyaa apne Maalik kaa swaagat kar rahi hai. Agar duniyaan ki“The entire world is welcoming its Creator. If the decorations of the world are not meant for its Creator then for whom have they been made?”Shri Nathji hardly touches the food that is placed before him, so absorbed is he in blessing every man, woman and child who comes to him. However, he manages to eat half a Naan, which he enjoys immensely. He puts on his plain spectacles for a change, instead of the usual dark glasses, which he used to ward off bright lights. “Mere paas ek“I have an X-Ray with which I look within your hearts!”Shri Nathji sits in the hall for two hours, tiring himself out in speaking to all who come to him, and then he blesses the couple and takes his leave, at the exhortation of Priya Nath, who is afraid Shri Nathji might exert himself too much.