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1. When one has no faith at all.2. When one has faith but it is for show only.3. When one has Faith, which goes away soon.4. Where one has Faith and places all his desires before God.5. Where one’s Faith is so intense that he gives up all his desires before the Will of God.Religion exists on the foundation of Faith, which can be acquired either through one’s own experiences, or through the teachings of Prophets and Avatars. Nitya praapt ki praapti kaa koyi arthh naheenThere is no meaning in attaining that which is ever-attained.Before there can be a Union, Separation is a must.Prem viyog hai. Milan gyaan hai.Love exists in separation. Union exists in Knowledge.Man takes the joy of devotion in duality, when he sees himself and God as “two”. He is the servant and God is the Master.Iss kadar teraa tassavur kabhi barrh jaataa haiThe Thought of Thee so fills my heart at times,This the final stage of Divine Knowledge. Sab leelaa Dwait men hai. Aanand Dwait men hai. The Divine Drama exists in duality. Happiness lies in duality.There is a stage where a devotee derives so much joy from serving God that he does not wish to give it up even for salvation “moksha”– and this type of a duality which keep’s the devotee’s heart at the feet of the Lord is no less than any oneness, or Adwait.Kaar saaze maa ba fikre kaare maaHe who is doing all my works is worrying over them Suffering sets in when you begin worrying about your tasks even when He is engaged in doing them for you. Ab main apne nyaay ko dayaa ke roop men badal rahaa hoonI am now converting my justice into MercyJab tak main parde men rahaa anek dharm ban gaye, For as long as I remained veiled, a multiplicity of religions came into existence, But now that I am lifting the veil, there is, and shall be, only one religion, The pilot of thy boat has two forms–one, that of a Human, and the other, that of an Invisible God. Do not forsake your faith on seeing the frailities of the Human Form, because His Real Form is that of the All Powerful.In the past, it was difficult to find God even after numerous efforts. But now He seeks an excuse to remove His Veil and to appear before anyone who calls out to Him: Ab to vo bahaanaa dhoondte hain ki kab koyi bulaayeAll of Creation consists of God’s children, and are part and parcel of each other, and are equal in the eyes of God. The Sun, the Air are meant for all. In a like manner, God is meant for all.Ik dam bhee dil se door naa hone de too usseSeparate Him not from thy heart for even a moment.Saakiyaa har dam tere haathhon men paimaanaa raheO Saki! May thy cup remain forever in thy hands,Shri Nathji ask Priya Nath, to translate “Yahaan se NATH DHARM shuroo hotaa hai. “It is from here that the RELIGION OF NATH shall begin.” It is Sudha who does the reading of the booklet in Hindi, in moments of solitude when visitors are not present.