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There is a dramatic episode as the son of Veeran Devi, Sardarilal, arrives along with his son in the night, and sits before Shri Nathji. He had not come to see his mother when she was seriously ill and was dying. But he had now come to claim whatever he assumed she may have left behind for him. “I had not visited you for many years. Today, I was passing on the main road adjoining your colony, when a strange power gripped my mind and told me I had to come and see you urgently–and here I am! I beg your pardon for disturbing you at this hour, but I felt it was you who called me!”Indeed it had been the miraculous divine power of Shri Nathji that had called Suresh Seth that night. There was Shri Nathji’s verse that exemplified his coming:Mujh se mat pooch ai raunake bazamAsk me not, O joyous gathering,Indeed no one could come to Shri Nathji unless he received the divine call to come, which was an invitation sent by Shri Nathji when the heart of the devotee was pure.