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There is Veeran Devi, the elder sister of Mahamateshwari, who has been with Shri Nathji for over forty years ever since 1939, when Mahamateshwari was married to Shri Nathji. “Saare jahaan se achhaa hai Meharbaan hamaaraa“Better than the whole world is our Merciful Lord,Shri Nathji and Priya Nath leave no stone unturned in giving medical treatment to Veeran Devi. “DAVAA KE SAATH SAATH DUAA BHEE HO.”One night, Smt. Veeran Devi sent word to Shri Nathji through Mangla that she be granted permission to leave the world, and that whatever sins she had committed in this life or earlier lives be forgiven, and that all her attachments to her relatives disappear. “Hansaaye kaa naam naheen, rulaaye kaa naam hotaa hai!” “Make a person laugh, and his relatives will not care, but make him cry a little and they will blame you!”Shri Nathji was pointing out to a universal human failing. If you did something good, people would not take notice of it, but if you made a mistake, people would be quick to point out your faults.