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Priya Nath occasionally gives Shri Nathji photographs of functions held in the house and Shri Nathji looks at them very closely, this being a very enjoyable pastime for him. “Who can have a better nose than you? It is of perfect shape. The Americans appreciated your features so much and spoke of the beauty of your eyes.”“Priyaji aap jaisaa naak kiskaa ho saktaa hai! Americans aapke features ki itnee taareef karte thhe, khaas kar ke aapki aankhon ki!”When Priya Nath would blame his maternal uncles for the flaw in his features which he said he had inherited from them, Shri Nathji would laugh out loud. While vehemently dismissing the suggestion that there was any flaw in Priya Nath’s features, Shri Nathji would narrate the story of a son who had filed a court case against his father for the long nose he said he had inherited from him!