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Priya Nath notices with some worry that Shri Nathji’s voice is weak even though his words carry the same indefinable power. “Ye Dharamveer Talwar ke aane ke baad huaa hai.“This has happened after the visit of Dharamveer Talwar.”The reason is clear enough. Dharamveer Talwar is living with the vital life force of Shri Nathji who has brought the dead man back to life and is, bit by bit, giving his own life force to sustain the life of the man.“Aapko naheen maalum ke kitne murde mujhse taar jorrkar jee rahe hain!“You do not know how many dead people are walking with a life-line from me!”Shri Nathji is wearing a yellowish orange turban, which appears to Priya Nath to be very flat at the top. He walks around the room energetically to dispel Priya Nath’s fears that he is getting weak.“Nazar lag gayee!”“Somebody’s evil eye has affected me.”The words are chilling to Priya Nath.