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There is the Bahl Family outside. Bholu Bahl, the youngest son, had just bought a car. Shri Nathji goes outside to bless it. Eventually the young man buys three ambassador cars over a short period. “Idhar Bholu, udhar Bhola Nath!”“On the one side there is Bholu and on the other, Bhola Nath!”Over the years, as the young man gained greater and greater prosperity, his visits to Shri Nathji’s darbaar became less and less frequent, and his desire to serve Shri Nathji all but disappeared. He would seldom send his cars for Shri Nathji and Shri Nathji rarely asked for them. Shri Nathji had observed many times that whenever he gave too much of material wealth to any devotee that person invariably left him.