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The days pass peacefully and delightfully. It is the best holiday that Shri Nathji and Priya Nath have had in years, and they thoroughly enjoy their stay at Savitri Nivas. “Maharaja Sarila kahaa kartaa thhaa ke ye kothi Mussoorie ki naak hai–bilkul beech men hai. Idhar Kulri, udhar “Maharaja Sarila used to say that this house is like the nose of Mussoorie–it is right at the center, with Kulri on one side and Library on the other!”The furniture in the house dates back to the days of the British who had built the house in 1869. It was a fascinating piece of carpentry. The mantelpiece over the fire-place in Shri Nathji’s bedroom downstairs was a marvel to behold. Shri Nathji recalled how Raja Kasmanda, his neighbour and devotee, would admire the mantelpiece and even had a similar one made at his house, but which lacked the beauty and perfection of the one at Savitri Nivas.