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That evening, Shri Nathji and Priya Nath walk in the lawn discussing Shri Nathji’s eye, and the operation that must ultimately be done. Shri Nathji says they can rely on Dr. Hari Mohan, a leading ophthalmologist of Delhi. “Agar Avatar hee lenaa thhaa to Iron Body ke saath aanaa thhaa!”“When you decided to come as an Avatar you ought to have taken on an iron body!”Priya Nath always blamed Shri Nathji for falling sick, as if he were deliberately doing so–because he knew Shri Nathji was All Powerful and could throw off any illnesses he chose to, and that he intentionally allowed sufferings to come upon himself. “Piyaji aap itnaa zyaadaa“Piyaji,At such moments Priya Nath would make Shri Nathji promise to him that no matter what happened he would always narrate his symptoms to him:“Vaayedaa karo ke koyi bheeThe evening “Aaaftaabe taazaa paidaa batnegeti se huaa,“A new Sun has risen from the Womb of the UniverseThere was also Shri Nathji’s verse that explained the Advent of the Avatar upon earth:“Jab kabhi chalti hai bade intazaare raihbari“Whenever the winds of expectancy sweep the earth for the coming of a Great Soul,The radiant figure of Shri Nathji sitting in the hall of the Bhola Nath Mandir comes before the eyes of Priya Nath again. He recalls how Shri Nathji’s feet had been very cold that day and he had to wear his shoes inside the Mandir. The devotees of Shri Nathji knew that his shoes were sacred, as a part of his sacred dress.