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It was strange to observe the attitude of some of Shri Nathji’s devotees who appeared not too happy at Shri Nathji’s rising name and fame. “Don’t be jealous of God!” Shri Nathji told them the story of the legendary lovers, Sherin and Farhaad, and how a jealous relative went and told Farhaad that Sherin had died. The news was so shocking to Farhaad that he dashed his spear against his head and died. “Maybe it’s time to stop these ghazals and begin writing something else! The revelations aren’t coming as powerfully as before!”But Priya Nath insists Shri Nathji must never stop the ghazal writing, no matter whatever else he may write. And Shri Nathji listens to Priya Nath’s prayer right up to the last days of his life.“Betaa duniyaan ke kaam to duniyaan hee ki akal se karne chaahiyen! Bhagwan ke liye to akal kee zaroorat naheen. Maan liyaa, bas kaafi hai!”“Son, worldly duties must be performed with worldly wisdom. There is no need for wisdom on the path of God. Faith is enough.”