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Those who had earlier been on the side of righteousness had turned to evil for self-preservation. Nuclear weapons existed all over the globe. Civilisation appeared to have evolved to the point of self-destruction. Was the entire world to go up in a nuclear holocaust? The people in the West were speaking of the last war upon earth–the Armageddon–when the entire world would be destroyed and only the righteous would survive.“Jab Ravana aayaa to Bhagwan Rama ko aanaa parraa. Jab Kans aayaa to Bhagwan Krishna ko aanaa parraa. Ab jab ye“When Ravana came, Lord Rama had to come; when Kans came upon earth, Lord Krishna had to come. Now that these Atom and Hydrogen bombs have appeared– will no one have come to stop them?”The 20th Century was seeing the greatest evil in the history of mankind rearing its ugly head to destroy God’s creation, the planet earth.