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Then Shri Nathji and Priya Nath get out of the Standard car and enter the V8 Ford parked in front of it. Shri Nathji gets inside the car with some difficulty as the door is close to the wall of the house. However once inside, Shri Nathji sits behind the steering wheel. And even as the background music continues with the refrain of the ghazal:“Sooye manzil jaa rahaa hai, dil kaa meraa kaarvaan”Shri Nathji moves the steering wheel to the right and the left as if he were actually driving the car. It is a beautiful sight. Priya Nath sits next to Shri Nathji in the front seat, as if he were the passenger being driven by Shri Nathji.“Main Nathji kaa rath hoon. Teraa dil saaf naheen hai. Mujhe haathh mat lagaanaa!“I am the chariot of Shri Nathji. Your heart is not clean. Do not touch me!”The two cars in their heyday had given Shri Nathji more trouble than comfort, not the least of which was the trouble of garaging them. There was the time when one of the wheels of the Standard Car had come off when the car was going down on the dangerous mountain road of Mussoorie. Shri Nathji was inside the car. He had had a heavy suitcase placed on one side of the boot in the car. The suitcase balanced the weight of the car on the side where the wheel had come off, and the car came to a halt on three wheels.