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Shri Nathji’s daily routine continues. He listens to the February 23, 1984 tape and greatly enjoys it. There was Professor Wali Mohammad, the famed ghazal singer, who won a music contest at Mussoorie after he had prayed to Shri Nathji for help. Later it was Wali Muhammad who brought R.R. Khanna to Shri Nathji.“Aapne mere aur mere Khudaa men soyi huyi bhook ko jagaa diyaa hai!”Shri Nathji also narrated how the Muslims at Mussoorie had so loved him that they insisted on pulling his rickshaw to his house after he had spoken to them as President of their ‘“I was fortunate to have migrated from Hyderabad to Delhi so that I could have your darshan here–your It was only Shri Nathji’s greatness, and yet another proof of his godliness, that, while on the one hand he was contemplating an event of world wide importance like the World Prayer Day, on the other hand he was spending hours of his precious time speaking to a poor qawwaal from whom he wanted nothing, and to whom he wished only to give His Love.