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Therefore there would be millions of religions all over the Universe wherever life existed.Haq jaane jahaanasto jahaan jumlaa badan God is the Soul of the Universe, and the Universe His BodyHerein dwelt the concept of universality–all were parts of the gigantic clock of the universe, united together in the Universe itself.“All the parts of a clock are equally important. The most expensive parts are just as significant as the least expensive. Take away any one part–be it worth even one penny–and the watch will stop!”Shri Nathji often gave the following example:“Think of puppets dancing on the stage. Some people think of the puppets as dancing by themselves. Others can see the strings that hold the puppets and say that the puppets are being moved by the strings. And yet there are others who know that there is Someone standing behind the curtain, who is holding the strings in his hand and is making the puppets dance!There was also Shri Nathji’s Verse:Jee men ye hai ke hoon sanate saane pe nisaar My heart yearns to pay homage to the Creator of this creation,When philosophers would say:

“Where is God?”Shri Nathji would respond with the following verses:Behijabi ye ke har zarre men jalwaa aashkaar,Thou art so unveiled that every particle shines with Thy Glory,
Shri Nathji would say: “How difficult it will be to locate God in the vastness of this Universe when you cannot even find your own self within your body. You say you exist! But where is your ‘I’? The eyes, the face, the chest, the heart? Or a combination of all these?Maarfat khaalik ki aalam men bahut dushvaar hai,It is very difficult to locate the address of the Creator in the world