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The rent case consumes much of Priya Nath’s time and the victory of the World Prayer Day is not allowed to be consolidated.“DON’T BE AFRAID OF ANYONE! Priya Nath finds himself constantly arguing and fighting with Shri Nathji due to the strain of the litigation, blaming Shri Nathji for not using his spiritual power to stem the tide of the forces of evil, which are bent upon throwing them out of the house.“I must never, never be angry with my dear dear, Pitaji. He loves me more than anyone else in the world. Oh, that I should die rather than be vexed at my sweet, cute, dear, Pitaji!” But he finds himself breaking his vows each time. He is the one man on earth who takes the liberty of being quarrelsome with God. Shri Nathji always takes Priya Nath’s vexation in a sporting manner and agrees with everything he says, rather than argue on any point–such, indeed, is his greatness.