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Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt was making feverish preparations at Nagpur, as was Smt. Tara Buty. Tara Buty was a renowned saint and speaker in her own right and was well-known all over Nagpur, where even a road had been named Buty Road, after her husband’s ancestral lineage.“Prabhuji, paihle mujhe akal naheen thhee! Shri Nathji often used to say:“The Sun can only be seen with the light of the Sun. Arjun did not see the Divine Form of Lord Krishna all his life even through he was his friend and relative. He saw the Divine Form of Lord Krishna only when Lord Krishna revealed himself to him.”Tara Buty was to receive this revelation in a Railway Compartment in contrast to the battlefield of Kurukshetra where Arjun received his revelation.“I have become yours, forever–do not forsake us in the next world!” she said to Shri Nathji. One day Mahamateshwari had appeared before her and said to her: “Tara! Go to Shri Nathji’s room and you will get a darshan of his bare feet!” Tara Buty went there and found Shri Nathji in his bare feet. It was a sight which was seldom granted to any devotee. These were the feet that had been worshipped and anointed with milk and honey by fifty pandits in the grand Rudra Abhishek held at Akola in 1950, where Shri Nathji had been worshipped as Lord Shankar by Ram Lal Aggarwal, W.A. Sohni advocate and a host of other devotees.