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Mussoorie kis kadar khush hai ke Bhola Nath aaye hainEnglish TranslationHow pleased is Mussoorie that Bhola Nath has come,NATHShri Nathji gave a last, powerful, commanding lecture in the verandah of Savitri Nivas, to the Urhekars, Talwar, Khanna and the Tekade sisters, Sudha and Mangla, telling them how difficult it was for man to reach God, and cautioning them against the forces of darkness which sought to separate man from God. “ I AM SITTING BEFORE YOU. It was a rare utterance made at Mussoorie. Sitting in his armchair in the verandah with the rays of the sun falling upon his face, Shri Nathji looked like a Radiant Sun himself. As he said these words, the mountains and the valleys appeared to echo with the sound of his voice. For a brief moment everything appeared to become still. Not a leaf stirred, as if in obeisance to its Creator.“Jab mujhe aap logon ke jaane kaa bichhoh hotaa hai to aap logon ko kyon naheen hotaa?“When I feel the pangs of separation from you, then why don’t you have the same feelings for me?”Fortunately, the entire sermon delivered by Shri Nathji from his favourite chair in the verandah of Savitri Nivas was recorded on tape by Priya Nath and remains as a historic speech–the last live words of Shri Nathji uttered in the Himalayas of Mussoorie, which permeated the mountain air and became a part of Mussoorie.“Rama aaye to dhanush laaye. Krishna aaye to Sudarshan laaye. Main ne apnaa daayaan baazoo bhee torr liyaa, ke kaheen bhoolkar bhee shastra na uthhaa sakoon! “When Rama came, he was armed with a bow. When Krishna came, he was armed with a Sudarshan Chakra, Discus weapon. I have broken my right arm so that it may not, even unconsciously, lift up any weapon!”