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And then the fascinating new ghazal of Shri Nathji:Ab khushi se bhar gayaa hai dil ka paimaanaa meraaThe cup of my heart is filled with happiness todayShri Nathji has written special ghazals on Shri Babaji for his coming birthday on the 21st of January 1984:“Aaj phir saagar bakaf maifil men Saaki aa gayaaThe Saki has come today, cup in his hand”“Aaj jab vo saamne baitthe to ham jaate rahe“Now that He sits before us, we have lost ourselves”Shri Nathji gives a brief sermon. His voice is weak. He is in his “huge” orange turban which makes his face look thin, and his blue achkan, which is loose, and also makes him look weak. There is the rattle of a sore throat and sputum. Priya Nath despairs lest this increase. Saaz-haaye aasmaani baj rahe chaaron taraf, Heavenly instruments sound everywhere,