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Comes October 7, 1984 and Shri Nathji embraces Priya Nath and blesses him with his usual loving words:“Happy, happy, Birthday to you! A happy, happy, birthday to Piyaji! May you live long! May you live long, happily, healthily peacefully and prosperously! May you, I, and Pran live long!”Priya Nath says to Shri Nathji:“The only birthday gift I want is your good health–there can be no greater happiness for me than that!”Shri Nathji celebrates Priya Nath’s 43rd birthday exuberantly. Priya Nath looks like a young man of 25. Living with Shri Nathji and serving Shri Nathji has been such a great boon, that time has not left its mark on him. Priya Nath was living with Shri Nathji, who was living beyond space and time. Shri Nathji had often said: “Where God exists time does not exist!” Priya Nath was in a world of agelessness while living with Shri Nathji.Idhar aankhen khulen meri teraa deedaar ho jaayeAs my eyes open let them catch a glimpse of TheeThere is the very touching and meaningful last verse of the ghazal:Teri kishtee men baitthon ko fanaa kaa khauf kab hogaaHow const those who sit in thy boat be afraid of death,The devotees all at once appear to go into a meditation as the words of the song filter into the atmosphere of the shamiaanaa.