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Shri Nathji reaches the short cut that leads to the Mussoorie-Dehra Dun Road. Shri Nathji walks down the small lane and comes to the house known as Padmini Niwas. The huge iron gate is rusted and the path to the house is filled with weeds and dry grass.“Ye chaman yoon hee rahegaa aur iss men saare jaanvar apni boliyaan bolkar urr jaayenge“This garden shall remain here, but all the birds in it shall sing their varied songs, and fly away”Truly forty years had passed since Shri Nathji had visited the house. It was then glittering with Rajas, Maharajas and their diamonds. Today, it stood silent and desolate, a reminder that time spared no one. “Khandar bataa rahe hain ke imaarat azeem thhee”“The ruins do speak of the magnificence that was”Down below on the Mussoorie-Dehra Dun road was the waiting car. Shri Nathji spoke to Khanna all the way down the slope, revealing the secrets of life and death like only the Creator could do.