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Mrs. Chaudhari arrives and narrates the plight of her son. She had practically forced Shri Nathji to listen to her prayers for the transfer of her son from Bangalore to Delhi and now she was paying the price for forcing her will upon God’s. Her son was involved in a complicated court case at Delhi ever since he came to the city, and Mrs. Choudhuri was running from pillar to post for his sake. She had been seeing the miracles of Shri Nathji working even now. In the night satsang Shri Nathji says: Aagar aap“If you were to go before the Prime Minister you would be afraid. If you were to come here thinking you were in the presence of God, how great would your fear be! Fear is a desirable thing. It saves one from many follies. The absence of fear shows a lack of devotion.”Shri Nathji had frequently said:“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”Shri Nathji also announces:“Aaj se maine apne aap ko service de dee hai! Kaam shuroo kar diyaa hai.“From today I have given myself this service. I have begun my work.”Little did the people realise that Shri Nathji was going to do the work for which He had come into the world–to save the world from itself.