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The powers of darkness make their presence felt in the hearts of devotees. Shri Nathji knows that there are very few devotees in the world who can retain God’s Grace for long. “Aur kewal kripaa ko paa lenaa hee zaroori naheen– kripaa ko rakhnaa bhee zaroori hai!“It is not enough merely to obtain the Grace of God–it is necessary to retain it as well!”This is where many a devotee fell. Even saints and sages fell after some progress on the spiritual path. “Kyaa aapkaa shaitaan zindaa hai?Is Satan still alive within you?”And the prophet had replied: “Mujhe to maare dar ke bukhaar charrhaa raihtaa hai.“I run a constant fever from fear of it!” Shri Nathji had often said to devotees who had a desire to go: “I wish to send you, too. How nice it would be if you had no desire to go and went only because I sent you. It is not your going that is undesirable, but your desire to go.