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Shri Nathji’s sermon centres around the legendary saint Baba Fareed who had gone out in search of a Guide-a Master who could take him towards salvation. “Fareed rakh de! Main tujhe kuchh naheen de saktaa!“Fareed, set my throne down! I can’t give you anything! Your spiritual attainment is far beyond mine. There is only one from whom you can attain what you desire–and that is the paighambar, prophet, Qutab. Go and search for him and you shall find him!”“Ye Hindulvali kaa sighaasana naheen jisse toone ek nazar se utthaa diyaa thhaa! Ye Qutab kaa gend hai!“Fareed! This is not the throne of Hindulvali which you could raise with your spiritual power! This ball belongs to Qutab!”Fareed had found his Master. He fell at the feet of Qutab, who was the young boy. Thereafter Fareed became Qutab’s disciple and began to serve him day and night. He would bring hot water for Qutab’s bath before Qutab’s prayer time. “Main do chaar laakh chele banaakar kyaa karoongaa! Mere saathh to saaraa vishva hai! Aap apni cheez men“What do I want with a few hundred thousand followers! The entire world is mine! If you lose faith in something that is yours, you shall become weak yourselves!”Priya Nath thought that the lecture was one of the most fantastic that Shri Nathji had ever given. But then which lecture of Shri Nathji was not so?““I give you a diamond and tell you that is is worth a crore. You have faith in my words. And thus you become a crorepati! When you walk in the streets you are filled with this strength.