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Shri D.N.Sinha arrives on the scene in January 1984 and is very enthusiastic that Shri Nathji has at last agreed to emerge from his self-imposed confinement. He says he will see to it that the Doordarshan Television Network broadcasts the event on the National News. He also wishes to bring Ministers and V.I.P.’s to the function so that they may know in whose hands the destiny of India rests.Shri Sinha says to Shri Nathji:“I am convinced only your spiritual power can change the world! Only your Super Light can illumine the world. Only your Mercy and Grace–“Apni ek jhalak dikhaayiye!Later he brings an advocate from Allahabad, a certain leading lawyer, Shri Saxena, who prays to Shri Nathji that he be made a High Court Judge.