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In the 1930’s when Shri Nathji was in Lucknow, he had had a dream or rather a vision, about the going away of the age of darkness, Kaliyuga. Priya Nath wanted to preserve this vision on film. Zamaana aayaa hai be-hijaabi kaa, The age of revelations has dawned, And there was Priya Nath’s voice singing Shri Nathji’s ghazal in the background even as Shri Nathji sat, alert, on the sofa, looking incredibly strong and powerful in his green woollen achkan and pale orange turban. Never before had he looked so strong and powerful. His verse merely served to remind him of his power:Kab talak bhoole rahoge khud ko ai Nath tumFor how long willst thou remain oblivious of thyself, O Nath!The German sunglasses Shri Nathji is wearing, give him an awesome look. The strong video lights make it necessary for Shri Nathji to wear the dark green sun glasses.