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However, even though the outer guise of God upon earth as Shri Nathji was innocence, yet deep within Himself he was the Knower of everything that happened around him.“There is not an ant the sound of whose footsteps does not reach my ears. There is not a leaf that can stir without my permission!”Shri Nathji would say about Himself as God, the Knower:“Agar logon ko ye pataa chal jaaye ke main unke dilon ko jaantaa hoon–to vo mere saamne dar ke maare aanaa chhorr den, kyonki har ek ne koyi na koyi paap kiyaa hotaa hai.“If only people knew that I was aware of every thought in their minds they would be afraid to come before me–because everyone has some sin or the other in his heart!”Deedaao daanist hain naadaan bane baithe hain, He is All knowing, but assumes the guise of ignorance,Shri Nathji would say:“Aapko maaloom hai aapke man men agle kshaann kyaa khyaal aane vaalaa hai? Naheen. Magar mujhe vo bhee maaloom hai!“Do you know which thought is going to enter into your mind in the next moment? No. But I know even of that!”Shri Nathji would also say, laughingly, to the sinful world:“Mujhe makar dete ho? Main to makkaaron kaa bhi banaane vaalaa hoon! “Wouldst thou deceive me? I am the Creator of even the deceitful!”And this was the final glorious picture Shri Nathji painted of the sinners upon earth who came before Him:“Gardan jhuykaaye baitthe sharmindaye amal jo,“Those who sit with their heads bowed in Repentance,Such, indeed, was the beauty of Shri Nathji’s avatar upon this planet earth. The All-knowing, All-powerful, Almighty, appearing as a mortal in the most beautiful form seen by man, with his Love and Mercy going out towards all.“Ye shareer hee to naheen miltaa. Niraakaar to har vakt maujood hai.“It is this Body that cannot be found. The Invisible God is ever present”