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Shri Nathji had come in the 20th century to save the world from itself. He had come in the Kaliyuga–the Age of Darkness– and was the Kalki Avatar, as prophesied in the Hindu Scriptures. But he had not come for any one race or religion or any one nation, he had come for the whole world.“Lord Rama killed Ravana but evil sprang up again in the form of Kans. Lord Krishna destroyed Kans but evil has sprung up again and lives in the hearts of thousands.”“Bhagwan Krishna ne Kaali Nag ko maaraa, magar aaj har dil men Kaali Naag baitthaa huyaa hai, aur main har dil men koodaa huvaa hoon!“Bhagwan Krishna killed the monster snake-the Kaali Naag but today a Kaali Naag sits in every heart, and I have lept into every heart to destroy it!”Shri Nathji also said:“Kyaa avatar issee liye aataa hai ke vo asuron ko maare? Meraa yudh shareeron se naheen hai. Paap se hai. Agar paap ko khatam kar diyaa jaaye to paapi hee na rahe!“Does an Avatar come only to destroy the wicked? My battle is not with the sinners but with sin. Destroy sin and there will be no sinner left!”Shri Nathji added:“Mere haathh men bhee talvaar hai, magar ye talvaar Muhabbat ki talvaar hai, jo do ko ek karti hai!“I, too, have a sword in my hand. But the sword is that of Love, which unites two into one.”During the time of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna the distinction between the righteous and the evil-doers was quite clear. But in the vast evil that had spread its tentacles all over the earth it was difficult to say who were the righteous and who were the “evil-doers”. The words had lost their meaning. Tumhee ne dard diyaa hai tumhee davaa denaaThou hast given me the pain and Thou alone must give the cure,Here was Shri Nathji, appearing to be involved in the mundane affairs of life, apparently oblivious of the disaster that threatened the world–while his Inner Self knew everything. He, who was controlling the Universe, had everything under his control. The struggles between kings and empires were all of his own making:“Ai baadshaah duniyaan ke hain mohre meri shatranj ke,“O Kings of the World! This world is but a game of chess before me,