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Shri Nathji weeps loudly when he recalls how R.R.Khanna had given him a small pencil as a present. “Don’t think these tears are of sorrow! I have no sorrow in me! I am above sorrow and happiness! I AM PERFECT. These tears are a mystery. I am crying for the world–for your sake, to be like you, to feel your sorrow!”Shri Nathji used to narrate how a group of intellectuals had once asked him:““Maharaj! We look upon you as perfect! How can you say that your happiness has increased? There can be no change in Him who is Perfect?”And Shri Nathji had replied:Shri Nathji speaks to the Urhekars, telling them that they will be going away soon, but that they must not entertain the thoughts of going themselves: “Meri icchhaa samajh kar jaayen! Phir koyi kameen naheen rahegee, yahaan ki yaa aage ki!“Go, taking it to be my wish. Then you will never have any worries left, either of this world or the next.”