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And finally it was time for Shri Nathji to pour forth his Divine Nectar on the selected ones who had been brought to the Hall by Providence. As Shri Nathji often used to say, such genuine seekers did not come of their own accord but were brought by a Higher Power:Mujh se mat poochh ai raunake bazmDo not ask me, O joyous gathering,SUDDENLY THE HOARSENESS DISAPPEARS FROM SHRI NATHJI’S THROAT! IT IS YET ANOTHER GREAT MIRACLE OF SHRI NATHJI!His voice is like thunder, rising and falling in a crescendo, as he speaks with unparalleled Power and Majesty and says repeatedly: “GOD IS NOW HERE! IT IS A FACT! As Shri Nathji speaks, people burst out into applause; some are lost in a spiritual reverie, shaking their heads, nodding at very word that Shri Nathji utters. There are others that burst out into: “Rishtaye ulfat men jab paro saktaa thhaa too unko,“When thou couldst have threaded them together in a string of Love, And then comes Shri Nathji’s fascinating revelation in his profound verse that sends the listeners into raptures. Shri Nathji repeats the verse again and again and each time there are cries of “Wah! Wah!” accompanied by the thunderous sounds of applause:“Be-hijaabi ye ke har zarre men jalvaa aashkaar,“Thou art so unveiled that every particle reveals Thy GloryThere could have been no greater philosophy than this, except for the fact that here was GOD sitting before everyone in the fulness of His Revelation in the form of Shri Nathji.“Someone asked God why He had not make the entire world into a Heaven in the first place?” “Kissee ne bhagvaan se poochhaa ke aapne ye saari duniyaa ko svarg kyon naheen banaa diyaa? To Bhagwan ne javaab diyaa– ye kaam tumhaare liye chhorr diyaa hai!”Shri Nathji’s sermon also contained his favourite verse, which brought fresh hope into the hearts of all:Mujh pe lagzishe paa kaa bahut aihsaan hai I am indebted to thee, O slipping of the feet,Here was hope for all who had fallen along the path.